American Veterinary Chiropractic Association

All communications should be sent to the AVCA office.

Board of Directors/Commission/Committee Chairs

  • Jon Zeagler, DC, Louisiana, Board President
  • Bobby Willard, DVM, Texas, Past President
  • Kimberly Neff, DVM, Georgia, President Elect
  • Brett Wessel, DC, Oklahoma, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Kevin Keller, DVM, British Columbia, Director, Education Committee Chair
  • Deborah Buzby-Cope, DC, New Jersey, Director
  • Gerald Johnson, DVM, Florida, Director, Marketing Committee Chair
  • Larry Allen, DC, California, Animal Chiropractic Certification Commission Chair
  • James Israelsen, DVM, Utah, Legislation Committee Chair
  • Michael Welker, DC, Montana, Legislative Committee Co-Chair

AVCA Staff

  • Leslie Means, Executive Director
  • Olivia Arnold, Secretary