AVCA Memorial Conference Scholarship

The Memorial AVCA Conference Scholarship is an affordability scholarship opportunity.  It was implemented in remembrance of AVCA Doctors, individuals, and modern day animal chiropractic founder Sharon L. Willoughby Blake, DVM, DC.  The purpose of the scholarship is to help AVCA Certified Member Doctors without adequate funding to attend the annual conference and obtain the professional development that the AVCA Annual Conference provides.

The AVCA is a 501 c6. Contributions are not deductible as a charitable contribution, but may be deductible as a business expense.

Donations to the AVCA – Form

Support the AVCA.  Donations can be made at any time, in any amount. You may wish to remember your patients with a memorial donation.  Other ideas of supporting the profession through the AVCA is with the donation of an animal adjusting fee.  One doctor has made this a regular automatic payment from their bank to be mailed to the AVCA each month.

  • Anyone, animal owner, interested supporter, groups, doctors, may make a donation to the AVCA supporting the profession of animal chiropractic
  • AVCA Certified Doctors may make patient memorial donations – Remember your patients with a memorial contribution to the AVCA.  When a memorial contribution is received, your clients are mailed a notification letter.  You are mailed a letter of receipt and acknowledgement of your contribution.
  • AVCA Members may make donations at any time
  • Any donation large or small is greatly appreciated.

The AVCA is a 501 c6. Contributions are not deductible as a charitable contribution, but may be deductible as a business expense.

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